WHY LIVING IN QUEBEC SUCKS | Top 7 REAL Reasons Why Living in Quebec Sucks

WHY LIVING IN QUEBEC SUCKS | Top 7 REAL Reasons Why Living in Quebec Sucks

In this video, I discuss why LIVING in Quebec sucks! The Province of Quebec is a horrible place to live. As I mention several times in this video, living in Quebec sucks! There are many things about Quebec that are horrible but in this video I focus primarily on how Quebec language laws suck, how Quebec weather sucks, how Quebec taxes suck and a few other issues. It is not an ideal province to live in, especially when compared to more prosperous provinces like Alberta and Ontario. Are you thinking of moving to Quebec? Has living in Quebec been on your mind? Heck, are you even looking to study in Quebec? If so, I highly recommend you watch this video before deciding to move there.

I was born and raised in Quebec and I lived the first 25 years of my life in that province. I know what I’m talking about! In this video, I refer to personal experiences as well as research that I have done on the city. I am a Quebecer however I moved out of that province and I can safely say that leaving Quebec was one of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life. In short, do not move to Quebec! And if you live there, get out of Quebec while you still can!

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