The job market in Québec

Job hunting can be a complicated procedure, regardless of where in the world you find yourself. As an immigrant, you may want to head into it with as much preparation as possible – perhaps even long before you set foot in Quebec. The province’s government site has some great material that will help you draw up your plan of action and guide as you navigate through all your options.

The labour market in Québec has a number of distinct characteristics. Even if you were chosen largely on the basis of your diplomas and skills, you must make every effort to find a suitable job as soon as possible. This is why we advise you to gather as much information as possible and, to take steps to facilitate your professional integration before departing for Québec.

Québec consists of 17 administrative regions, each with their own draw cards. Explore the different regions, to discover the best options for work and daily life in Canada’s largest province.

Quebec’s largest city, Montreal, has quite a booming job market, with opportunities that stretch across a number of industries. This includes the engineering, textile and telecommunications sectors, to name but a few. When it comes to health care and public administration opportunities, Quebec City is likely to be your best bet for landing a job, while Gatineau is known to have tons of employment options for those in the construction, government and service sector, and is fast becoming the place to be for startup ventures. Famed for its agricultural economy, Sherbrooke, is also seen as a major industrial, commercial, and administrative hub.

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Skilled Worker Program

Selections are made based on a points grid. The requirements that applicants are evaluated on include: training/qualifications, work experience, age, French/English skills, family already in Quebec/Canada, permanent job offer, spouse factors, dependent factors, and financial self-sufficiency. Here is a list of in-demand jobs in Quebec, Canada:

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