Study In Quebec

To study in Quebec, you first need to have a letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution which you plan to attend in Quebec. In addition, you must have received a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) or certificate of acceptance which is issued by the province of Quebec.

Studying in Quebec: The Advantages

  • Diplomas and degree obtained in Quebec are recognized internationally. Quebec ensures the quality of the programs offered in each of the public institutions of its educational system, through, among other things, legislation, the use of external assessment bodies, and by securing the agreement of professional orders.

  • Students have a vast range of French and English programs of study to choose from, depending on the institution selected.

  • Quebec’s institutions of higher learning, irrespective of their size and location, are equipped with ultramodern facilities such as high-tech labs, computer labs, sports facilities, and auditoriums.

  • Tuition fees applicable to foreign students compare favourably to those in other industrialized countries, as well as to other Canadian provinces.

  • The cost of livingis among the lowest in Canada.
  • Quebec has the best of urban living and rural beauty. In addition to its myriad lakes and rivers, a huge boreal forest, a fjord and a majestic seaway, Quebec has a multitude of national parks.
  • International students have a clear pathway to permanent immigration to Canada and, eventually, citizenship


Schools in Quebec

These institutions are featured due to their size, proximity to urban centres, and tradition for enrolling international students into their student bodies. Learn more about each school by clicking their titles below, which will take you to the relevant page on School Search.


Other Select Schools in Quebec

Select Schools are those that CanadaVisa has assessed for quality, value, and competency with international students. These schools are accredited by Colleges and Institutes Canada (formerly the Association of Community Colleges of Canada) or are chosen because of proven pathway programs and exemplary student services.