Winter in Quebec City Travel Guide

Winter in Quebec City Travel Guide

Having now visited Quebec City in both the summer and winter I’m officially naming it our favorite city in Canada. I’ve never visited a city where I felt such a radical difference between seasons. Coming back here in the winter felt like falling in love and rediscovering Quebec City all over again. We bundled up early on a Sunday morning to wander around the Old City before the masses converged.

We ended up walking (or should I say sliding/skating) down Petit Champlain marveling at all of the festive and Christmas decorations before warming up next to a fire and then grabbing a hot chocolate, Nanaimo bar and cookies. Later we wandered down to the Saint Lawrence where we could see massive chunks of ice floating down the river. Finally, we checked out a few different vantage points where we could admire some of the best city views and snap photos of the Château Frontenac.

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Winter in Quebec City Travel Guide Video Transcript:

Faster, horses! Faster!

And how is the ice princess this morning?

Doing very well. This morning we are heading in to the Old City. We’re going to do a bit of a walking tour on our own. Let’s head into town and check it out.

We are about to enter the old city.

There are real benefits to waking up early on a Sunday morning. We’ve practically got the old part of the city to ourselves. And what a different feel. In the summer it had a totally different vibe and now in the winter it’s like an entirely new city to explore.

So I just noticed there are railings all along the street and I think it is because it is so steep and it gets so icy in the wintertime that if they didn’t have these babies people would just be sliding all the way down. Well, we’ve been sliding a lot anyways. Yes.

So it is kind of cool being here in the winter because even though it is February it still feels like Christmas never left. Like we still have Christmas trees, Christmas lights, lots of red. So it feels very festive. Absolutely.

We found a little place where to warm up. There is a little outdoor fireplace. It is our own personal fire place.

And we really need it after all that walking. Put your legs up by the fire.

It’s a dragon! It’s a snow dragon! A fire breathing dragon.

Alright, it is time to warm up. Let’s go for a hot chocolate and maybe even a cupcake. Yum yum. Lead the way.

How is that hot chocolate? Mmmm. That is so good after that really really cold walk. Alright, it’s time to lick your lips. You’ve got cream all over your face. There you go.

That’s some kind of classic Canadian food. Here we’ve got Nanaimo bars. Audrey is digging in. Very Canadian. Let’s have that first bite. Mmmm. Sweet enough for you?

It’s such a nice breakfast.

And I’ve got fudge and Bonhomme de Carnaval. And this guy has been really nice to me but unfortunately I’m going to have to take a bite out of his head. Sorry, Bonhomme.

Does he taste good? He does.

What do you have over there? And the last indulgence of the day – we’ve got pure maple sugar fudge.

I’m not surprised you would go for that. You’re always looking for fudge wherever we go. I don’t have anything to say – it’s just pure bliss.

Now if you can believe it we were bonkers enough to be doing ice canoeing out in the Saint Lawrence with those massive chunks of ice. It was just one of the craziest things we’ve ever done. We can’t wait to show you that video as well.

So now we’re working our way up to the Chateau Frontenac. That means climbing a lot of steps. I’m already out of breath. We still have a few more to go.

Lead the way.

It’s a little steep and slippery over here. I almost feel like I could go snowboarding.

Do it. Do it.

And the concludes our walking tour of Old Quebec. Now we’re going to head back to our hotel, warm up a little bit and get ready to do some more exploring in the afternoon.

This is part of our Travel in Canada series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Canadian culture, Canadian arts, Canadian foods, Canadian religion, Canadian cuisine and Canadian people.

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network


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