Where to stay in Old Quebec I Hotel in Quebec I Quebec Travel Vlog

Where to stay in Old Quebec I Hotel in Quebec I Quebec Travel Vlog

Hotel in Old Quebec City (probably one of the nicest )

First Impression of the hotel (I was creeped out!) 00:00
Next morning thoughts 00:46
Why the rooms are so small in every hotel in Old Quebec City? 01:00
Hotels without elevators or simple amenities, why? 01:30
Where to stay in Old Quebec City 02:14
My hotel room 03:00
Breakfast in the patio 04:36
Hotel Nomad in Old Quebec City 05:39

Here is the fourth video of the Toronto – Ottawa – Quebec travel series. In this video, you will see the hotel that we stayed in and the surrounding area.

Hotel Nomad official website: https://www.hotelnomad.ca/en/

Our room type was ‘Thematic’ and for three nights and 3 breakfasts the total bill was CAD $754.33.

Please note that, the experience will vary person to person depending on their requirements and preferences. As I travel with a child, I always try to find a hotel that is safe, located nearby the places I want to see and has at least some minimal level amenities in the room so that I don’t have to sacrifice Ayaan’s comfort.

But this time, it wasn’t like that. I actually didn’t have as many amenities as I’d expected from it being a 3 star hotel (toothpaste, toothbrush were there for purchase, but I’d expect them to be free), and there was no grocery or convenience store nearby. Which made me a bit concerned at first, I don’t know why I think I will always need something at 11.30 PM (maybe it comes from my years long habit of going to seven-eleven during my stay in Bangkok)

Nonetheless, our experience with Hotel Nomad was wonderful! It only added to the whole experience of being in a historic city – the Old Quebec City.

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