US cities with the most romantic hotels

US cities with the most romantic hotels

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New research has revealed which US cities are home to the highest number of romantic hotels and therefore ideal for a couples vacation, and New York City features in the top 10, with 15.82 romantic hotels per 100 mi2.

The experts at Travel Lens have revealed the most romantic cities in the world and the US, by looking at factors such as the number of fine dining restaurants, romantic hotels, couples activities and searches for date ideas.

Top 10 US cities with the most romantic hotels 

Rank City State Romantic Hotels (per 100 mi²) Romantic City Score /10
1 Miami Florida 43.33 9.13
2 Washington District of Columbia 20.90 6.53
3 New York City New York 15.82 9.19
4 Milwaukee Wisconsin 13.52 7.86
5 Portland Oregon 12.74 8.73
6 Minneapolis Minnesota 11.11 9.13
7 Boston Massachusetts 10.77 7.60
8 Honolulu Hawaii 9.59 7.60
9 Seattle Washington 8.76 7.71
10 Chicago Illinois 8.23 7.76

The research also revealed the following about New York City:

  • There are 41 fine dining restaurants per 100 mi2
  • There are 65 couples activities per 100 mi2
  • Annually there are 26,300 searches for date ideas in the city

The research also revealed:

  • Miami in Florida takes the crown as the destination with the highest number of fine dining restaurants. Across the city, there are 71.98 100 mi².
  • There are 168.17 couples attractions per 100 mi² on offer in Honolulu, which is the highest in the whole of the US.
  • In New York, there are over 26,000 online searches made each year for date ideas, which is more than in any other state.
  • Virginia Beach has been named the least romantic city in the whole of the US, scoring a romantic city score of 0.82/10.

The post US cities with the most romantic hotels appeared first on Travel Daily.

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