Top 10 Best Places To Live In Quebec – Canada

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Quebec - Canada

Quebec is Canada’s largest province and home to more than 8 million people, the only province whose official language is French.
It a vibrant multicultural province, often earning it recognition as the “Europe of North America”.
Quebec is also famous for its valleys, vast forests, rolling hills, and maritime views.
In fact, Quebec has approximately 1 million lakes and waterways, giving it more fresh water than any other province.
Today, Quebec welcomes approximately 50,000 immigrants each year.
With the province’s economy growing and the birth rate declining, immigration to Quebec can be expected to grow in the future.
Immigrants come to Quebec each year from more than 100 countries, helping to contribute to the multicultural character of the province and driving the Quebec economy.
The average gross earnings for a family in Quebec is approximately $70,000 per year.
The province boasts an excellent standard of living, however, thanks to its affordable cost of living.
Here’re the 10 best places to live in Quebec, a wonderful place to live, the best place to raise your family:
1. Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (best places to raise a family).
2. Boucherville (best place to retire).
3. Quebec City.
4. Lévis.
5. Sherbrooke – Cheapest place to live.
6. Laval.
7. Saguenay.
8. Terrebonne.
9. Gatineau.
10. Blainville.
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