Things to Do in Quebec City, #shorts #travel

Things to Do in Quebec City, #shorts #travel

Top Attractions in Quebec City

1. Old Quebec
Here are some items you may wish to place on your to-do list when you visit. The imposing Château Frontenac, a hotel which dominates the skyline, especially when viewed from the Ferry, Plains of Abraham, La Citadelle, Rue Saint-Jean, Rue du Trésor, Quartier Petit-Champlain, Place Royale, Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, Old Port of Quebec, Rue St. Paul, Ile d’Orléans, Montmorency Falls and the Summer Festival.

2. Parc de la Chute-Montmorency
The suspension bridge above the falls shows the water racing forward before its thunderous exit down.

3. Terrasse Dufferin
From the vantage point high on the Plains of Abraham, the French army controlled the most important waterway leading to the interior of Canada. This is very hard to explain to students, except when you place them on the Dufferin Terrace just in front of the St Lawrence River.

4. Place Royale
The church in this place is built atop the ruins of Champlain’s first outpost.

5. Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral
The story of this basilica goes all the way back to the mid-1600s and is the home of the first Catholic diocese in North America. While much of the church’s inner beauty is now masked do to a major renovation project, the docents tell you the amazing history of the first bishop in North America (Francois de Laval), who is buried there.

6. Lower Town (Basse-Ville)
During our five-night stay in Old Quebec, we tended to spend our time in the Upper Town, because of myriad things to do there. But the Lower Town, squeezed between towering cliffs and the St. Lawrence River, became more and more inviting as we looked down on the buildings daily from Dufferin Terrace. So, one late morning, we descended rue des Remparts, past myriad cannons pointed at the river, to the area where the city began.

7. Quebec City Ferry
The ferry service was clean and efficient with the magnificent views in both directions. Late at night the new fountains of Levy are dancing plumes of colored water and in the other direction the skyline of Quebec City.

8. Plains of Abraham
The park on the historic Plains of Abraham obscures the site’s military past.

9. La Citadelle de Québec
The citadelle is a must for all visitors of Quebec City. It is not just a military barracks but a symbol of the city and pr the province of Quebec. Within its walls lies more than 500 years of a wealth of history that depicts the progress of the city and the importance of the citadelle in culture and heritage of each Quebequian.

10. Musée de la civilisation
The entire museum in its architecture is set up to represent Canada and its beginnings as a country.

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