Things to do in Quebec City in 2020 // Visiting Quebec City during the pandemic // Part 2

Things to do in Quebec City in 2020 // Visiting Quebec City during the pandemic // Part 2

In this week’s episode, I spent my last day of my 36 hour road trip to Quebec City visiting the military and defense aspects of the city, notably the citadelle of Quebec, the wall, and the Plaines d’Abraham. I also visited the Parliament of Quebec. With this video, you will see how empty Quebec City during the pandemic and realize why there is no better time to visit it than now.

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Part 1 of my 36 hour road trip to Quebec City:

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Drone footage is this week’s episode was taken with a DJI Mavic Mini. All flights where taken in consideration with Transport Canada’s micro-drone’s regulation (under 250 grams). A safe altitude and distance was maintained and the drone was kept out of restricted air space. Also, the drone was kept at a safe distance (horizontal) from by-standards by being flown very early in the morning when most residents and visitors where not out and about.

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