Quebec Immigration 2022 | International Mobility Program Plus | Canada PR Process | Dream Canada

Quebec Immigration 2022 | International Mobility Program Plus | Canada PR Process | Dream Canada

I’ve explained the new International Mobility Program Plus (IMP Plus) pathway to get a work permit in Canada for Quebec-selected candidates. You now don’t have to wait to get your Canada PR (Permanent Residence) to fly to Quebec and begin working.
This new Quebec immigration pathway has reduced wait-time by 2.5 YEARS! Applicants AND their spouses get 3-YEAR valid OPEN WORK PERMITS, and their children can get study permits as well. You can work for ANY employer of your choice for ANY job position. There’s NO IELTS REQUIREMENT, NO AGE LIMIT, and with this pathway, you now DON’T have to wait for your PR application to be processed; you can directly fly to and start working in Quebec.
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