Quebec Facts You Need to Know

Quebec Facts You Need to Know

In this video you can find seven little known facts about Quebec. Keep watching and subscribe, as more Canadian territories will follow!

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1. During the war of 1812 Upper Canada was out numbered 10 – 1, Upper Canada would have fallen within a year if it was not for the French of Lower Canada who joined the battle. The French (Lower Canada) joined the battle on side of Upper Canada to protect the British territory and increasing the odds to 7 -1. The two Canada’s together were able to defend the territory and the rest is history.

2. Quebec is Canada’s largest province by area. At over 1,500,000 sq/km it is almost 50% larger than Ontario and only slightly smaller than Alaska. It is not as large as the Canadian territory of Nunavut which is over 2,000,000 sq/km in size. Nunavut is not a province, however.

3. Quebec almost voted for independence in 1995 – when a referendum failed with less than one percent margin. Ever since confederation the French have had an interesting relationship with the rest of Canada. A very brief recap involves the French wanting to make sure their way of life and French values are upheld against the rest of Canada which is English. This is reasonable but like most politics issues get messy, the latest and closest boil-over happened in 1995 when Quebec went to vote on separation from Canada to be their own country. The vote failed, by 0.4%…. It was a razor thin margin and had to be recounted to make sure of the result. Today tensions are not as high but there is always a looming threat of Quebec leaving Canada. Quebec was the scene of many terrorism acts in the 60’s and 70’s. The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) was a Quebec separtist organization which committed several political murders and bombings.

4. Quebec City – and not Montreal – is the capital of the province of Quebec. Quebec City’s 400th anniversary was celebrated in 2008. It’s the oldest French speaking community in North America. Over 95% of the population is French speaking but more than 40% can speak both English and French.

5. After Paris, the world’s largest French speaking city is Montreal. Montreal’s Underground City is a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city connecting 20 miles of shopping malls, museums, universities, hotels, banks, offices and seven metro stations.

6. Montreal was to host the world’s fair (Expo 67), while planning and zoning possible sites a suggestion was made to make islands to host. Montreal was currently digging it’s largest subway at the time and the rock and ground was to be used to create the two man made islands Il Notre Dome and Il Saint Helene as see above. The islands today contain an amusement park, a bio-dome, shopping malls and tons of amenities.

7. Quebec not only produces 94% of Canada’s maple syrup, but the province produces roughly 87% of the entire world’s syrup!

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