Quebec City Travel Guide: 5 Festival

Quebec City Travel Guide: 5 Festival

5 Quebec City Festival – Canada Travel. Festival in quebec city.
Quebec city is one of the cities that are in the countries of Canada, the city became one of the world’s heritage by UNESCO admit. The city is also known as new France because it has a distinctive city layout Architektur France. French became the official language here, Quebec also offers an exciting annual event, here’s the list.

1. Quebec Winter Carnival
Winter Festival in Quebec city held since February 1, 1955. A feast with a variety of typical activities – winter, King of the carnival this was Bonhomme, a mascot in the form of a snowman, as ruler of the castle of Ice Palace. Bonhomme described as a snowman as high as seven feet, four hundred pounds with Red Hat and black studs. Carnaval is held for 3 weeks during February.

2. Grands Feux Loto-Québec :
The Grands Feux Loto-Québec fireworks festival is made by several companies for its inception. The Grands Feux Loto-Québec international, also known as the Montreal Fireworks Festival, and the most prestigious and largest in the world. It has been held annually at the La Ronde Lake above the Dolphins, since 1985, and was named based on its main sponsor, Loto-Québec. It accommodates about 3 million spectators each year, with around 6,000 fireworks set off at each performance. The Festival usually starts at the end of July to the beginning of August right on summer holiday. For the year following the date of execution of the 2018 date is August 2, 2018, August 9, 2018, August 11, 2018, August 16, 2018

3. The German Christmas Market
The German Christmas Market is German-style Christmas market in old Quebec which made by the Communauté allemande Québec or Quebec community of Germany. This German market since 2008 and in 2009 visitors reached 20,000 people. This market is in the conduct of each December, here the many products offered good souvenirs, Christmas supplies and much more including some great place to record the best moments

4. Festival New France
The Festival was held to revive the historic district of Old Québec, a Unesco World Heritage site, the success of the popular celebrations has begun since the beginning. The specialty Vacations is offering a continuous animation with more than 500 performances by more than 435 volunteer artists and animation. All in over 12 locations in Old Quebec Street, where the history of the city and the colonization of New France illustrated to visitors in different ways. Dances, parades, public market, and the establishment of the eviction again allows participants to take a festive atmosphere around a specific theme, updated annually.

5. UCI Mountain Bike World Championship 2018
This will be the third time the Mont-Sainte-Anne will host the UCI Mountain bike world championships-a record. This is the fourth time Canada will host the event, also a record. Mont Sainte-Anne will also bring the UCI Masters Championship.

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