Quebec City: The Perfect 3 Days In Quebec City Itinerary (Day 1)

Quebec City: The Perfect 3 Days In Quebec City Itinerary (Day 1)

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3 Days in Quebec City: The Perfect Weekend Getaway Itinerary

3 Days In Quebec City I cannot believe the stars finally lined up for a long weekend, Quebec City, 3 Day Itinerary – a much-needed weekend getaway. I’ve been to Montreal twice and was always impressed with its old town. Friends, family and fellow travel bloggers who have been to old Quebec City have told me that when it comes to the narrow cobblestone streets and historic buildings, you haven’t seen anything until you visit Quebec City.

Quebec City is fiercely European with an even fiercer grip on the French Canadian identity.

Nearly 4,4 million tourists visited the Quebec City region in 2016 and 800,000 were from outside of Canada. Since the St.Lawrence river is still very deep around Quebec City, it is able to accommodate cruise lines – some from as far away as Europe. Our guide, Elyse told us one summer they had seven cruise ships in one day!

Sure you can get a taste of the city in a single day – taste being the operative word as the food scene here is off the charts with a strong focus on local and regional produce. But if you can stay for a weekend, the compact size makes it perfect for walking and seeing all the Quebec City attractions.

There are some steep hills, specifically between the lower town and the upper town and in the upper town itself but rest assured I kept all that in mind when I created this itinerary.

Any additional calories you burn can be traded in for food at some of the amazing restaurants I’m about to introduce you too 😉

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