Quebec City Food ⚜Visit Quebec City and eat SO MUCH BUTTER ⚜ Ep 1

Quebec City Food ⚜Visit Quebec City and eat SO MUCH BUTTER ⚜ Ep 1

Quebec City Food Adventure! Visit Quebec City, a winter wonderland destination with loads of delicious food.

There are lots of things to do in Quebec City, including eating! Here’s a different kind of Quebec City Travel Guide: I had to go on a quick trip to Quebec City for work and decided, while at it, to bring you on a little food discovery tour.

Get ready for some serious belly stretching moment as we undercover two fabulous restaurant that showcase the wonders of using unlimited amounts of butter in their dishes.

In order of appearance:
00:26 👉 Hotel Le Bonne Entente
01:21 👉 The Charcuterie Bar, Le Pied Bleu
04:26 👉 The TV Network we visited
06:39 👉 Brunch at Taverne Louise

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