IMMIGRATION PROCESS – South African Living in Canada

IMMIGRATION PROCESS - South African Living in Canada

I share the process and experience my family and I had with immigrating to Canada from South Africa. If you are considering immigration and wonder what the process looks like, this video is for you.

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration consultant or specialist, shared information is based on my experience.

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Today’s episode is all about the process for immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker from South Africa. IELTS English test, police clearance records, full medical examinations, amount of time immigration application took, proof of accredited institution degree successful studies, South African living in Canada.


I’m Busi Gwiji, I live in Ontario Canada, love technology and have been working in the IT industry since completing my university studies. I have been a first point of contact to hundreds of individuals in need volunteering at an organization that helps people with mental health related challenges where I was trained as a lay counsellor . I’m also a mommy and wife amongst other roles I have in this life.



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