How to Immigrate to Canada in 2022 (Interview with a Canadian Immigration Expert)

How to Immigrate to Canada in 2022 (Interview with a Canadian Immigration Expert)

In this video, we’ve partnered with Gentium Immigration to help you learn how to immigrate to Canada. We talk for almost an hour about the various ways in which you can move to one of the world’s top countries.

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00:03:30 The Most Popular Immigration Programs
00:03:50 Express Entry
00:06:50 Quebec Immigration
00:08:30 Main Benefits of Express Entry
00:09:50 Post-Pandemic Immigration Delays
00:15:00 Difference between Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Program
00:21:30 Provinces for Easier Immigration
00:24:55 Karla’s Immigration Story
00:27:45 International Students
00:36:15 Any preferences for commonwealth countries?
00:36:50 France’s advantage as an international student
00:38:00 How can people (outside of Canada) find a job offer in Canada?
00:44:15 What’s the Canadian government looking for with these immigration programs?
00:45:56 Information about Gentium Immigration

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