Canada Road Trip – Ep. 29 | Quebec City Restaurants

Canada Road Trip - Ep. 29 | Quebec City Restaurants

In this episode of our Cross Canada Road Trip, we take you on a tour of Quebec City’s best restaurants! Our tour guide Richard will share with you fun facts about Quebec City and 4 interesting restaurants in old Quebec. But it doesn’t end there, because we also show you 5 really good restaurants that we found on our own!

This episode is a Quebec City Restaurants extravaganza!

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Quebec Historical Fun Facts
4:52 La Buche – Quebecois Cuisine
7:08 Restaurant Sagamite – Native American Cuisine
8:31 Tournebroche – Casual French Restaurant
10:00 The Augustinian Monastery
15:47 Local Insider’s Tip
19:17 Cochon Dingue Champlain – Breakfast & Comfort Food
21:00 Le Hobbit – French Bistro Cuisine
23:08 1640 Bistro – Upscale Canadian Cuisine
24:03 La Grolla – Swiss Fondue
25:37 Bistro L’Orygine – Organic Regional Cuisine

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These are the featured restaurants by order of appearance:


Se ressourcer au cœur de l’histoire


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