4 Hours in Quebec City| What to do and see| Rory and Sage World Class Ep.82

4 Hours in Quebec City| What to do and see| Rory and Sage World Class Ep.82

IN THIS EPISODE, Rory and Sage™ travel to Quebec City, Canada, Montreal, and Providence Rhode Island. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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What is Rory and Sage™ World Class℠? Rory and Sage™ are two preteens currently traveling the world with their parents. They explore fun and new places as well as historical sites while learning about local customs, traditions, and lifestyles. The videos and content presented by Rory and Sage™ are suitable for all ages and offer a unique perspective on life while “on the move” for a family of four. Each journey presents a one of a kind look of what the girls encountered during their visit.

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